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Greetings! I'm Michael Levey, the owner of Plastercore, and I bring over two decades of hands-on experience to the world of plastering. My journey began with a passion for preserving traditional techniques, specialising in the timeless elegance of lath plastering and the refined finishes of Venetian marble plastering. Plastercore is a testament to my commitment to craftsmanship beyond trends, ensuring each project reflects enduring beauty.

I take pride in delivering personalised solutions for every project, whether it's a residential skimming makeover or K Rend rendering for exterior enhancements. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I approach each task with precision and a keen eye for detail, exceeding your expectations with tailored finishes that resonate with your individuality.

Beyond aesthetics, Plastercore emphasises crafting finishes that not only elevate visual appeal but also ensure durability. From damp proofing to screeding for stable flooring foundations and waterproof plastering, I am dedicated to providing comprehensive plastering solutions that combine beauty and functionality. Plastercore is more than a business; it's a reflection of my passion for the art of plastering, and I invite you to explore the transformative possibilities of expert craftsmanship with me.

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